Food & Training Diary Days 8,9 & 10

Food & Training Diary Days 8,9 & 10

Food & Training Diary Days 8,9 & 10

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Day 8 – Tuesday 

Training:   I pulled up remarkably well in the morning from Mondays 3 Class effort.   It was a nice surprise.  I took a 7pm Zumba class which got me warm and sweaty but not worn out.   So I tacked on my first set of Deadlifts in a LONG time.   I had a mental block about deadlifts – I think I was scared of just how weak I would be.   I was happy to comfortably manage my 5 x 5 set workout at a reasonable weight.   10 minutes max,  60% effort and it felt Good.   YEAH!

Food:   Bad day for food.   Didn’t eat enough in the morning,  bullied by mother in-law into eating pasta for lunch which combined to leave me in a total fog in late arvo.  Totally wanted a nanna nap which was never gonna happen.  Bad Jill.

8:30 Coffee with 1 sugar, cinnamon, cream

11am 1/2 Cup of Dazza’s Awesome Smoothie

1:30pm  Cream of Cauliflower soup (home made) + Spagetti Bolonaise

3:30  Handful of buttered popcorn … mostly off the floor (thanks Molly)

4:30pm  Gluten free pancake with cottage cheese and home made apricot jam + coffee.  I totally didn’t enjoy this by the way – it was very disappointing 🙁  I think I even tipped 1/2 my coffee down the sink.

9pm  Big Bowl Chicken broth with lentils, spinach, mushrooms, zuchini and yoghurt added.

11pm Vital Greens with 1 cup full cream milk & water

Day 9 – Wednesday

Training:  I was disappointed to pick up an extra pump class today on top of step in the afternoon.   It’s not that I didn’t enjoy taking the class (I love what I do!),  but I had to shelve the 10 minute KettleBell workout that I was looking forward to.   Pump at lunchtime followed by a 5:30pm step.    I have to admit it was hard – my legs weren’t up for that combo after Monday & Tuesdays efforts.   Ah well.  It sounds bad to complain about exercising for a living – but as a trainer I can’t rely on classes to make me fit.   I need to get enough recovery and other training in to be fit to take the classes, otherwise I’m on a slow but certain path to injury.

Food:   Not a great day again.   I just couldn’t face food this morning so tried to get some calories and liquid in to keep up the bubba’s milk supply and get me through Pump.   Then I had to really force myself not to cave and order Pizza tonight – just feeling very tired, flat and a bit upset about some stuff.  The emotional eating urges were strong!

10am  Coffee with 1 sugar, cinnamon & cream

11:45  2 tsp vital greens with 1 cup full cream milk & 1 cup water

(Pump class)

2:15  2+ handfuls buttered popcorn

4pm  Tuna with spinach, mushrooms, zuchini, parmesan cheese and yoghurt

(evening Step class)

9:30pm   Fillet steak with stir fried salad of lentils, spinach, tomato, mushroom and parmesan cheese all cooked in coconut oil

10pm 5 x Cherries

11:30 2 tsp Vital Greens with Water

Day 10

Training:   Umm.  Another ‘bonus’ pump class today (ie. unscheduled).   No other workout as I can feel that my body is at it’s limit.  In a perfect world I would have done some gentle yoga or mobility work but it just wasn’t happening today.  On the upside the pump class didn’t feel as hard as I expected given it was my 3rd day in a row of step / pump lunges …. I also felt inspired to do some of the pushups on my toes which was another positive.  Maybe I’ve lost weight 😉

Food:  There was some serious pressure to have Pizza tonight when we got home from work.   Tough day and I’m super proud of myself that I overcame and made a reasonably healthy steak & noodle stir fry instead.   Go me.

10am  Coffee with 1 sugar cinnamon & cream

10:30 Egg & Coconut ‘porridge’ with peanut butter

11:30 2+ handfuls of buttered popcorn

2:30 1/2 Cup Dazza’s amazing smoothie + more popcorn

4pm Bowl of rice & chicken curry (aldi packet meal) with spinach, tomato, mushroom & yoghurt added

5pm Coffee plus 2 chocolate coated biscuits (aldi brand)

(6pm Pump Class)

9pm Fillet steak & salad stir fry (see last night’s dinner) with rice noodles added

12am  Vital Greens with Water

Weigh in for tomorrow is looking shaky as the scales are broken.  Might have to wait for Saturday morning from Benalla.  Ahhh the anticipation.