Jill's Journey

Jill’s Journey

3 WEEKS TO SOMETHING GOOD…  A Real fitness journey


Jill 26th Jan 2015Overview: I’m going to put myself out there and show you what can be achieved by training the right way for as little as 3 weeks.   I’m gonna do it using someone real (me) who has real injuries, a real business to run, a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old to look after.   And in case anyone thinks it’s still not real enough because I’m a Personal Trainer, I’ll point out that I’ve been stuck on the couch for the past 5 months having just finished a pregnancy with appendicitis, followed by Swine Flu which ran straight into a really crappy birth with lots of complications and an emergency c-section.  So memories of being fit and buffed are a very distant blur (as is a good nights sleep).    Because I was so sick I only put on 11kg for the entire pregnancy – the downside is upon having the baby I only lost 3.5 kg and that is where it stayed…


Yep.   It’s a warts and all 3 week journey to something good.   And if my darling daughters will cooperate I’ll be posting updates every couple of days on what I’m doing with my training, how I’ve been eating, how I’m feeling and any other points of note.

In general I’ll focus on my training – but obviously cleaning up some of the hidden crap that I’ve been eating as well (especially now I’ve seen those photos!).   I’m still breastfeeding every 3 hours so this is not the time to be going seriously hardcore.  The big challenge will be balancing training, breastfeeding and lack of sleep with the massive sugar cravings that hit if I don’t get food in at the right times.   That and my addiction to coffee with sugar.

Jill 26:1 2015 - sideWhy am I doing this? Because I am so tired of seeing people try to kill themselves to get in shape but doing everything wrong. I’m sick of reading STUPID articles that give people stupid advice on how to get in shape.   I’m sick of seeing ‘transformations’ that are unhealthy & totally unsustainable. Finally I’m sick of the fitness world being driven by how someone looks.   Surely the most important reason to exercise is to help keep us healthy and moving freely without pain as we age?   Well that’s what I’d like most anyway.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to respond.   In return I just ask that people try not to judge too harshly and be nice if you can.   It’s not exactly my dream to be posting out of shape photos of myself on the internet (or any photos on the internet for that matter) but if this process helps/motivates/inspires even one person to make a change, it will be worth it.


Day One: 27th Jan 2015

Age: 40ish!

Weight: 68.4kg (In the morning after breastfeeding & toilet and before breakfast in case anyone was wondering)

Clothing size: 14 on upper body, 12 on lower

Condition:   14 weeks post c-section with complications. Chronic back pain, joint soreness in wrists & knees and some stabbing nerve pain down my left leg that came as a bonus after the c-section. Yay.

Goals: To get good range of movement back, be pain free for a change, fit back into my pants and shrink the rolls of back fat that appeared with the baby.

Jill 26:1:2015 - Back


9am Coffee w cream + 1 sugar,

10:30am Scrambled egg with peanut butter, coconut flour & cottage cheese.   (I call this my coconut porridge and it’s a great breakfast for kids. Takes 1 bowl, cooks in the microwave and all up 3 minutes to make from scratch.)

3:30pm – Bowl of Vegetable Tangine soup with shredded Safeway roast chicken and greek yoghurt.   Coffee w cream + 1 sugar

8:30pm – As per lunch only bigger serve         9:30pm – 2 heaped teaspoons Vital Greens w water


Training: 25 minutes Les Mills High Intensity GRIT  Strength Workout @ 7pm

Notes: Feeling piss-weak.   All push ups done on knees and because my core is so screwed up I pulled up really sore in the hip flexors & adductors (inner thighs) even during the workout. I have been limping ever since. In a perfect world there would have been a warm up and cool down to get my body moving.   I’m alone with the kids so that was never gonna happen …. Not a great start.

I chose a GRIT session because it allowed me to test my fitness, achieve a good level of intensity and not have to think/motivate myself  during the workout.    It is intense but I scaled the movements down where required and of course it was over and done with in no time.   Lastly I like that I’ll be able to see and feel my improvements over the weeks by repeating this session.

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