Jill's Journey Final Word - 3 weeks not 3 months

Jill’s Journey Final Word – 3 weeks not 3 months


My name is Jill and 25 days ago I got sick of excuses.  My own and hearing other people’s day in day  out.  I had more legitimate excuses than most.   Not to harp on but let’s recap where I started:

  • Jill 26th Jan 201514 weeks post partum (that means I had a 14 week old baby!).  I also have a 25 month old who likes to keep me extra busy.
  • I was very sick at the end of my pregnancy, had birth complications ending with a not so great emergency c-section …. one of those where you can feel everything while they are cutting you open and they find stuff that they weren’t expecting.   My scar got infected and didn’t fully close for more than 7 weeks.   Suffice to say it was all crap and hurt a lot.
  • I’m still breastfeeding a hungry vampire who feeds every 3 hours.  Sometimes more.  And from last week I’m back juggling 10 + classes.  Starvation was not gonna work. 
  • My job is lifting heavy objects and jumping up and down. 

I couldn’t work for 4+ months.  I was (still am a little) financially, physically and emotionally stressed up to the eyeballs and running on less than 5 hours of sleep per day.  

That is the last time I am ever going to go through those excuses.  Ever.   The last 3 weeks (and 4 days) surprised even me.   Not so much around ‘weight loss’ – I could have done much more if that was all I was after.   

Read more Gory details about Food, Training & Life in the final week of Jill’s Journey

Food –  Real people live in the real world.

Video Tutorial of Jill’s Coconut, Peanut Butter ‘Porridge’.  Filmed day 11 of Journey … I look different!


This was no starvation marathon and I am no saint.   It’s been a really really crappy week – I’m starting to think that maybe there is a god and he is very unhappy with us:  So here’s my confession!  Over the past 25 days I have ….

Eaten Macdonalds including chips,  scoffed down chocolate biscuits, enjoyed a hamburger with the lot with potato cakes,  shared an indian feast with beer,  had a dinner of icecream and popcorn,  had a lunch consisting of 100g pack of kettle chips with a 600ml Big M (that was yesterday fyi),   Obliterated 1/2 a pizza with the lot (plus beer, cake & chocolate milk),  dined on Pad  Thai noodles regularly, snacked on Buttered popcorn and continued my religion of 2 coffees per day with sugar & cream.

I’m not saying that I eat nothing but crap however I live in the real world and sometimes sh*t happens.   It’s the rest of the time that will make you fat.   A little bit of planning can keep the “bad” days to a controllable number.

Exercise –  Lets see if I can piss someone off.

Exercise alone will not make you lose weight.   If you are overeating, it *might* stop you putting on weight.   Too much exercise can  set you up to be fatter than ever when you stop.   Exercising for long periods just to burn calories is a waste of time.  Time is the biggest excuse people use to avoid exercise.

Exercise should make you feel good.   The right kind of exercise will make you healthier and help you eat less.   You should look forward to exercising or you won’t do it.   Find something you love and do it regularly.

Strength training and short, sharp workouts will give you the best results.   5 minutes can be enough.  30 minutes is plenty!   The best part:  short workouts (done the right way) give you more benefits with less of the bad stuff.  No more post exercise slumps,  reduced muscle soreness,  less fatigue, no huge time commitments etc etc.

A good PT is a great investment!

A good PT is a great investment!

Even a Personal Trainer needs personal training.  A good trainer will help you do things you couldn’t do for yourself.  They will teach you new skills, keep you safe from injury  AND help you stay motivated.   You can have an AMAZING PT session in 30 minutes.   More than this is just doing stuff for the sake of it and spending your $$ for no result.   If a trainer tells you that you need longer than this (excluding skills based learning), then either a) they don’t know what they are doing or b) are just after your money.   There are a lot of PT’s in the industry who don’t know what they are doing (IMHO).

I’m gonna say this here – Daz is an unbelievably good trainer.   Seriously one of the best in the business and I was lucky to have his input with my strength & kettelbell technique work.   He truly knows his stuff and cares 100% about the person in front of him.   You won’t hear him big note himself but he’s been doing this for 20+ years, is an amazing athlete himself and never stops researching how to get more for his clients.  Thank you Dazza and I’m very sorry for all the swearing and name calling.



Kettlebells are Awesome.    PS Gab you are an inspiration!

Kettlebells are Awesome. PS Gab you are an inspiration!

Kettlebells are truly incredible devices.   I love them now more than ever.   They have been a key tool in my workout routine and had a huge impact on my results:

  • Kettlebells helped my my core – thanks Turkish Get up! 
  • Kettlebells improved my posture  – add some two handed swings
  • Kettlebells made an immediate reduction in my back pain

I needed help with getting my movement right – it’s hard to see and correct yourself with these.   They are not something you can just ‘get’ from the internet if you want to do them right.  If you want all these benefits and more you absolutely must! must! must! check out our KettleBell Technique Pack. Book in today because these balls of steel will change your life.

Deadlifts, Boxing and 30 min HIT training were my other secret weapons. Things anyone can easily and cheaply include into their training 1-2 times per week for big changes in body composition and fitness.


The Proof is in the pudding (or lack therof)

No tricks or last minute dieting.   I had a hearty dinner the night before after a less than healthy lunch.   I drank lots of water and while I did apply one coat of fake tan, most of it was washed off after an ‘incident’ in the sandpit with Molly.   If I wanted to fudge the results, I know how to starve, dehydrate and coat myself in layers of brown goo.   I didn’t want to do that.

Click on the photos for larger picture and you are right.  Molly really didn’t want to be there.

Before and After.  Not bad for 25 days of moderate effort.

Before and After. Not bad for 25 days of moderate effort.


Start Weight  27/1/2015:  68.4kg

End Weight 21/2/2015:  62.4Kg

Wow.  Not 3 months.  3… bloody…weeks.

If I’m super critical ….  There’s still backfat and the midsection could seriously tighten up. But perhaps I need to get real.  There was a human being in there only 17.5 weeks ago.  I’ll give myself another 3  weeks and a spray tan before entering the Miss Universe pageant 😉




Kettle bells.  Nuff said.

Kettle bells. Nuff said.

Summary of physical changes:

No one but me cares about this bit – I know you all went straight for the pictures 😉    I FEEL INCREDIBLE!     For the first time in almost 3 years I’m starting to feeling fit and strong again.    I can do real pushups (chest to floor) on my toes.   I can do deadlifts at a respectable weight.  I can swing a kettlebell without fear.  I can do boxing without wanting to throw up.  And I’m just getting started!   Why didn’t I do this sooner (and without the internet and blogging???)?

Most importantly, I can pick up the baby without fear of getting stuck halfway.   My back isn’t perfect yet but it’s much better than it was.   A well structured exercise routine really is the cheapest, safest and most permanent way to get your body painfree and moving at it’s best.

Would you like to make a responsible change to your body and fitness?

If you are serious about making a change in your life, why not ask for some help?   I’m finally back doing what I love so contact me if you want to make this kind of change in your life.   Personal Training,  Small Group,  Pre & Post natal, Yoga or even remotely there are many cost effective ways that you could get someone working in your corner to make the change.   Don’t just train in a gym for no benefit – get some help and feel some real results!

Read more details about Food, Training & Life in the final week of Jill’s Journey

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