Jill's Journey - Food & Training Days 15-20

Jill’s Journey – Food & Training Days 15-20

Jill’s Journey – Food & Training Days 15 ….20

It feels very self absorbed publishing details about my food intake and life in general.   In fact this week I’ve been self conscious about posts on our facebook and held back on publishing blog posts.   There could be such a thing as too much Jill 😉      So as always feel free not to read, but if you do have requests or questions pop them in the comments below or via our facebook page and I’ll respond as best I can. This journey was about helping others and not just a narcissistic need to post photos of my scantily clad self on the internet.  I figure there are enough of those (and of much prettier people!) already!

One question that I have had …. Shouldn’t a breast feeding fitness instructor lose weight more easily than the rest of us?

Day 15 (Tuesday) Food & Training

Training:   I caught up with another new mum today which was lovely (thanks Mish!).  We had a long lunch, chat, exchanged bubs and just generally enjoyed some adult company.    Good thing I had a Zumba class to take @ 6:45pm or I would have happily had a very slack day.   So high energy Zumba class followed by 5 minutes of KettleBells.   5 rounds of two arm swings x 10,  1 Turkish Get up each side.   I’m road testing my theory on this combo for kettlebells.  So far whenever I do this my back is %1000 better for the next 24 hours which is awesome!

Food:   10am  Coconut Peanut Butter plus Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon

11:30   Buttered Popcorn x 2 handfuls

2:00pm   Thai Beef Mince, Salad with Fried Thai Pancake (BIG serve.  Awesome)

3:30  Coffee with sugar,     4:30  Chai Latte    6pm  2 handfuls of buttered popcorn

9pm  Small bowl of Vegetable Tangine Soup with Yoghurt     11pm  2 tspn Vital Greens with Water, milk, natural yoghurt

Day 16 (Wednesday) Food & Training

Training:  Low on energy.   12:15 Pump Class,  5:30 Step Class followed by my 5 minute Kettlebell combo.   It’s still working.  Back was great over night which I wasn’t expecting …..

Food:  We’re out of food in the fridge and my brain is a bit foggy.   Today was the first time I just took a chocolate biscuit from Dazza without even thinking about it.   The dangers of auto pilot and fatigue.   You lose touch with what you actually need.    I think I’m suffering from not getting any protein in at ‘dinner time’.   Time to get my lazy arse down to the supermarket.

11am Coffee with Coconut Peanut Butter Porridge  (12:15 Pump Class)

2pm  Vital greens with water, yoghurt, milk and 2tspn Milo.   I was craving chocolate ….

2:30pm   Big bowl of beef mince with pasta salad,  beetroot dip & hummas

4pm  Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon plus chocolate biscuit

(5:30pm  Step Class  6:30  Short Kettlebell workout)

9pm  Vegetable tangine soup – a tiny tiny amount 🙁 with yoghurt

11pm  1/2 stale croissant.  Vital greens with water, yoghurt, milk and 2tspn Milo

Day 17 (Thursday) Food & Training

Training:  Caught up with another new mum today (Thanks Em!) – this is an awesome week.   I don’t get to socialise very much outside the gym and it’s easy to lose perspective on the realities of motherhood.  You start just beating yourself up instead of accepting that we all share the same challenges and young bubbas are never just “easy”.    There’s a reason for all those stereo types!   I totally intended to do some Yoga and deadlifts today.   That didn’t happen.    Just a lazy pump class at 6:15pm.   It was hard.

Food:   Dazza went to supermarket today.  Thanks Daz …. I needed my mushrooms and spinach,  life wasn’t the same without them.   This is where I think my PMS cravings started to really kick in.    Too many classes,  not enough food plus hormones = a seriously hungry me.   The big change has been adding in the extra energy to my vital greens – milk, yoghurt plus some milo to head off the chocolate cravings.

10:45  Long Black with sugar

1pm  1.5 bowls of Coconut Peanut porridge.  Yes I broke my own rule and suffered for it.   I should have eaten much earlier.

3:30  Hot roast chicken ripped straight from the bag.  Buttered Popcorn.  Vital greens with water, yoghurt, milk & Milo.

5:15  Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon plus another chocolate biscuit.

8:45pm:  Vegetable Tangine Soup with roast chicken, spinach, yoghurt and mushrooms.   Ahhh.

Day 18 (Friday) Food & Training

Training:   Not much today.   I took a small group of dedicated folks through a GRIT style workout which does involve some workout factor but it was about them not me.   They were awesome.   I was super tired today – again probably hormone related.

Food:  Oh oh…… PMS combined with Bread in the house.   I don’t usually eat a lot of bread.   It makes me feel kinda like I’ve drunk a bottle of clag (you know that glue that you had in kindergarten?).   Molly (2 year old) *loves* bread.   Can’t get enough of it and likes to self serve herself straight from the bag.    So when we do buy bread it’s Burgen’s Digestive Rye – it makes you do poo.   And looks the same coming out as it does going in.    It still makes me feel like I’ve eaten inflatable clag.

9:30am  Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon

11:45 1 slice Burgens Rye with avocado, tomato and roast chicken.

12pm Vital greens with water, yoghurt, milk & Milo.  1/3 stale croissant.   Still having serious chocolate cravings…

4:30 White bread roll with ham, gherkin, mustard and avocado.  I don’t even remember eating this?  Coffee.

8:30  1 slice Burgens Rye with avocado, tomato and roast chicken.   Molly’s left over vegetable soup with yoghurt.

10pm  Vital Greens with water & milk & yoghurt

Day 19 (Saturday) Food & Training

Training:   Strength Training.  A leisurely walk around the Botanical gardens during the day.   My PMS fuelled cheat day feeding frenzy in the afternoon followed by the urge to do some DEADLIFTS!    It’s been 10 days since I last did them but I was much stronger.  2 warm up sets of 5 reps.  Workout: 5 x 5 deadlifts with plenty of recovery between sets alternated with 5 x 5 Bench Press.    Felt good and soaked up some of that Pizza 🙂

Food:    You’ve probably read about my fat crazy bitch transformation.   Today was the day I realised why I’d been feeling so flat.   I had a pretty standard breakfast and then just relaxed and rolled with the day.    I needed to not think and my body just wanted some high density food to take away the cravings.   It was great and I feel no guilt.

11:30am  1.5 bowls Coconut Peanut butter porridge & coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon

1pm  Vital greens with milk, yoghurt & water

3:30 Coffee & Vanilla slice

7pm  4 Slices of Pizza with the lot with a beer.  Salt,  fat and cheese …… so good.

8pm  Banana Almond Cream cake with chocolate milk.   BIG slice and nothing health about it.  I finally felt a little full.

9pm  Workout

10pm Vital Greens with Water.

Day 20 (Sunday) Food & Training

Training:  Big plans but no dazza, unscheduled family visits, a pooping dog, work problems and children all put an effective a stop to this.    Walk to and from Botanical Gardens and 1.5 hours of carrying a baby.  That was all.  That was enough.

Food:   Still trying to relax a little today and just roll with it.  Beautiful day and some great company (thanks Cam!).

11am  Coffee and coconut peanut butter porridge

4:30pm  Beer & too many Tamari Almonds (Soy based sauce.  Salty and yummy).   You just can’t stop.

8:30  Soup, Chicken,  Mushrooms & Yoghurt

10:30  1/2 an almond croissant and a glass of milk.   Hmmm.   Cheat meals done.  Return to normal as of now!

If anyone is still reading at this point you need to get out more 😉   But hopefully it shows that being in charge of your body doesn’t mean being a saint.    You’ll have ups and downs depending on life, hormones and other stuff beyond your control.  You don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to stay on the track to health & fitness.

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Shouldn’t a breast feeding fitness instructor lose weight more easily than the rest of us?