Jill's Journey - Food & Training Days 20-25

Jill’s Journey – Food & Training Days 20-25

Food & Training – The last week.

Wow what a week.  Dramas everywhere we turn from a mother in hospital,  serious staff problems and ATO threats (“yes we granted you an extension but not till when you asked for ….. didn’t we mention that?”  No they didn’t.).  It got better with lost superannuation payments,  sick animals, Molly knocking herself near unconscious, cancelled flights and non-refundable accommodation issues and more stuff that I can’t be bothered mentioning.  I’d like to personally thank CASA and Air Asia at this point in time – so kind of you to give us less than 2 weeks notice that our flights are cancelled without replacement.   It’s possible that some deity of an unknown denomination is messing with us this week.  But life goes on eh?

This would hands down be the worst week of food, sleep and over training  for the entire journey.  Without my general guidelines to bring me back on track, it could have been so much worse.

Food & Training Day 21 (Monday)

Training:  Biggest day yet with 4 classes …. 30 Minute high intensity circuit with an amazing group, followed immediately by 45 minute Step class.    A blurry 3 hours of gym admin, heated discussions with the ATO and we’re backing it up with BodyPump and some Power Yoga to finish .   My brand new Ipod is dodgy and wiped the content of my  playlists right as I was walking in for the evening classes.   Nothing like some last minute stress and having to revise your whole class on the fly …..

Food:   I’ve been slack this week so I’m working from memory.   I remember that Monday was pure survival ….

8:30 Coffee with milk (out of cream), cinnamon and sugar

11am 1 Bowl of Coconut, Peanut butter porridge

2:30pm  Vital Greens with milk, water & yoghurt

4pm  There was something substantial here.   I don’t know what it was.  Possibly soup and chicken followed by coffee & a biscuit.

9:30pm  Pad Thai noodle stir fry with beef and spinach.  1 x Beer.

Food & Training Day 22 (Tuesday)

Training:  I was shattered from Monday.  My back was sore from all the jumping around and carrying the baby in between.   I finally recovered by the evening, felt great after Zumba and cranked out my KettleBell Swing / Turkish Get up combo for 5 rounds.   I put the weight up in my Turkish Get Up and if  someone can supervise my next round I might go up again.   There’s a slight risk of me dropping 20kg on my head.

Food:   Hmm.  To put a positive spin on it I would claim that I’m doing intermittent fasting.   The reality is that it all fell apart today.   Late start with breakfast,  no Daz to help with the bubs since he’s stuck at the gym from 6-2, a baby on a growth spurt (ie. feeding all the time) and meals are a struggle with no eggs, veggies or food in general left in the house.

10:30am   Coffee with milk, cinnamon & sugar

12pm  Sprout Bread with peanut butter and cottage cheese,  another coffee.

4:00 Vegetable Tangine Soup with yoghurt & mushrooms

9:30  Rice & Chicken curry with mushrooms, yoghurt & tomato

Food & Training Day 23 (Wednesday)

Training:  Lunchtime Pump class,  5:30 step class immediately followed by taking a high intensity GRIT strength workout.  I did just a few kettlebell swings after my last class but it was fairly half hearted.  Sometimes enough is enough.     Wednesday was when the  avalanche of crap started to really pile up….. it started well and then went downhill fast.   It’s hard to get motivated to exercise when you are stressed/tired and/or depressed but it nearly always makes me feel better.   I was pleasantly surprised with how my legs felt tonight.  It could have been a lot worse.


8:30 Coffee with cream and sugar

11:30 1.5 bowls Coconut Porridge with Peanut butter

2:30pm   Semilina Porridge with some flowers and crap on it (Kettle Blacks).   Molly ate my strawberries.  It was meh.

4:30 Coffee with 2 chocolate biscuits

9:30pm  Steak with spinach, tomato and mushrooms

Food & Training Day 24 (Thursday)

Training:  I carried the baby a lot today.  Does that count?   It’s as if she knew that stuff was going on so she was extra grizzly to take my mind off things.    The avalanche of crap continued.    And there was a Pump class somewhere in there …. for all of 4 people.   Fortunately they were awesome people.  We talked about nipples and gimp suits.   Everyone else was enjoying the sunshine and drinking champagne at the pub.  At least that’s what me and my 4 awesome pumpers decided.

Food:  I had icecream for dinner today.  with popcorn.  I had a hamburger with the lot and potato cakes for lunch.  Does that make me a bad person?

9am  Coffee with cream, sugar and cinnamon

11am Coconut Porridge with Peanut butter

3pm  Hamburger with the lot and 1 potato cake.  Molly and Chelsea both misbehaved till the food was cold – because greasy food always tastes better when it’s stone cold.  Not.    It was eeough but I ate it anyway.

5pm Coffee and 4 x Guiyan chocolates.  Damn it the sugar isn’t helping ….

9:30pm  1/2 Tub Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake icecream with buttered popcorn.   And no the answer wasn’t at the bottom of the tub.  Shame.

Food & Training Day 25 (Friday)

Training:  I took another inspiring group High Intensity Cardio & core workout today.   They were fabulous and gave it 110 percent.   I love training people and wouldn’t want to do anything else for a living (even though I could get paid a truckload more money and never have to get up at 5am again….).  I was mostly just instructing the group so I was suprised to find myself sweating buckets and shaking just from demonstrating the moves.  If it wasn’t the last day of my Journey I would definitely have taken the hint and scheduled a rest day or two.

When we finally got home to Benalla in the evening I did a guilt driven workout that Daz suggested for mobility.   Just bodyweight – 1 Turkish Getup, roll over,  1 Pushup.  Roll over and repeat 50 times.    It felt pretty good actually – I thought I was gonna burn out at around the 30 mark but got into a rhythm and in the end completed all pushups on my toes.    This being fit thing is great and I love that I’m surprising myself now with what I can achieve.

Food:  This is the day where I should be strict with my food.    Low salt,  cut back on the water and just light snacks to ensure I look my best tomorrow for final progress pic.    Instead I had potato chips and a 600ml Big M for lunch and a giant 10pm dinner with chocolate.   I did say that this was gonna be “real world” …..

9:30am  Coffee with cream, cinnamon & sugar

11am  1.5 bowls Coconut Peanut Butter Porridge and another coffee.

4:30pm    100g Pack of Kettle Chips with a 600ml Egg Flip Big M (Thanks to Euroa Service station)

6:30pm  Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon and some buttered popcorn

10pm  Giant serve of Slow roasted lamb shoulder with Spinach, Parmesan & Feta Salad (Stir fried in olive oil)

10:30pm  1/2  Cherry Ripe Bar

11pm  Vital Greens with water.  I haven’t had this in Melbourne this week and have missed it badly.

Day 26 (Saturday) Final Weigh in and Progress Pics

Training:  Some kettlebell swings, pushups and squats to get the blood flowing before the final progress pic.

Getting the final pictures was a major exercise.  We wanted to have Molly in the shot – she’s my ‘newspaper’ to prove that it’s all within the stated timeline.  Molly didn’t want to be in any photos without her dolly pram, a biscuit for each hand,  her water bottle, bangles etc etc. This would have been ok except Daz said “No” a bit too firmly as she demanded her 5th biscuit (while still holding the other four).    From that point Molly would not stop screaming and burying her head in between my legs, rendering any further attempt at photos impossible.     So are the photos perfectly matched?   Not exactly but they’re the best ones we’ve got and they definitely show the change.

Food:   I had my regular coffee before the photo was taken but nothing else.   Did I go nuts after it was taken? …. no.   Smoothie for breakfast,  lamb & salad for lunch and a meatloaf with salad roll for dinner.     The best thing about never being on a diet is that I never missed out on anything.    So no cravings,  no big changes scheduled and with a little bit of planning I can keep going till I’m truly back to my pre baby state.    Just gotta stock the fridge and keep saying no …. though not to Molly of course.  Unless I want a screaming, snotty face buried in my crotch 😉

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