Jill's Journey - Food & Training Days 5,6 & 7

Jill’s Journey – Food & Training Days 5,6 & 7

Day 5 (Saturday) Food & Training

Training – No workout.   Long (slow) walk with the Molly monster with lots of climbing up and down the Rocket slide at the park.

Food – I didn’t get nearly enough food during the day which left me feeling pretty flat and hungry throughout the evening.   It was a good reminder that cutting things down too much doesn’t help at all.

Lamb Shoulder with Salad.  Yum!

Lamb Shoulder with Salad. Yum!

9:30am Coffee with 1 sugar, cinnamon and cream

10am  A tiny amount of coconut porridge – Molly was super hungry and ate hers and mine.   1/3 cup of Dazza’s awesome smoothie (see days 2,3 & 4 for details).

1:30 Small bowl Veg Tangine Soup, Roast Chicken, yoghurt with avocado & Mushroom.  The bowl was bigger but again a certain goblin decided to inflict ownership rights and gobbled down the majority.    Molly *loves* avocado, roast chicken and strangely enough the veg soup as well.  She can’t get enough.

5:15 Coffee plus two choc coated peanut biscuits.  Sooooo hungry.

7pm Slow roast lamb shoulder (Jamie Oliver pack from Safeway) with a warm salad of:  Spinach, mushroom, tomato, zuchinni, torn white bread roll gently stirred in pan with olive oil, shaved parmesan cheese, feta & avocado

10pm 1/2 Cup of Dazza’s Smoothie with another Choc Peanut biscuit

11:30  2 tspn Vital Greens with Water

Day 6 (Sunday) Food & Training

Doing the Mum thing at the pool.    Funny how things change.  No bikini's for me!

Doing the Mum thing at the pool. Funny how things change. No bikini’s for me!


Training – 6 laps of the 50m outdoor pool at Benalla Aquatic Centre.   OMG that was hard!   I’m sure I used to do 800m warmups as a kid at school……    I tagged this on to taking the bubbas for a swim to tire them out.  Unfortunately it also left me completely shattered.      Later in the evening I did a 3 minute strength workout:  3 x assisted ring pull ups with a focus on holding a ‘hollow body’ position for core engagement.   Assisted means that poor Dazza did most of the lifting as I was weak as a kitten.



Food:  Trying to eat more food to avoid repeat of the previous day.

10:30  Big bowl of Coconut porridge with cocoa added and a handful of cocoa pops (thanks Molly! you’re such a good helper…)

11:30  Coffee with 1 sugar, cream and cinnamon

12pm   1/2 Cup of Dazza’s awesome smoothie

2:15 Left over Lamb Shoulder & Salad plus a choc coated peanut biscuit

5:30 Coffee with 1 sugar, cream and cinnamon

7:30pm  Chicken & Corn cream soup (packet) with spinach, mushroom, parmesan cheese, yoghurt and 1/2 bread roll added.

11pm  Handful of Buttered Popcorn + 2tsp of Vital Greens with Water

Day 7 (Monday) Food & Training

Training – Ok this is NOT a good example of responsible training.   I was crapping myself about today but this is what I do for a living: 1pm Step Class plus 5:45pm BodyPump Class plus 6:45 Power Yoga class and no we didn’t just lie around on cushions in the yoga class  😉    This is not what I recommend for anyone and doing this would not help you lose weight or feel better.   It *might* in the short term but overall it will just make you more hungry and your body run down.  The worst part is that your body starts to acclimatise to all this long drawn out exercise – so if you stop for any reason (hello swine flu and baby problems!) you pile on the weight.  ‘Nuff said.

Food:  I needed to make sure I was getting enough food and water in throughout the day to fuel my workouts.  Water in particular with enough salt to keep it in my body and replenish all the sweat that I was losing.   I also had to be careful not to have anything too heavy as I didn’t want to crash my blood sugars and fall in a heap.

9:30 Coffee w 1 sugar, cream & cinnamon (and about 3 big glasses of water!)

10am Big bowl of Coconut Porridge

11am 1/2 cup of Dazza’s Awesome Smoothie

2:15  2 tspns Vital greens with 1 cup of full cream milk plus tons of water

3:30 2 handfuls of buttered popcorn

4pm Wonton Soup (packet) with yoghurt, lentils, mushroom, zuchinni added.   1/2 Cup of Dazza’s Awesome Smoothie

8:30pm  Beef Curry with rice, mushroom, zuchinni and yoghurt

11:30pm Vital Greens with 1 cup full cream milk plus water

Well that’s it.  Next update will feature another weigh in and my nutrition thoughts.   As always feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks for all your support.

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