Jill's Journey Part 4 - Sh*t Happens and an Eating Plan

Jill’s Journey Part 4 – Sh*t Happens and an Eating Plan

Jills Journey Part 4 – Sh*t happens and an Eating Plan



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Some days Sh*t happens.   It comes out of no-where and knocks you down.   You don’t know why,  you weren’t expecting it and even though you can’t change it now….. you keep going over and over the events in your head hoping for a different outcome.  It leaves you with an empty, hurting spot inside that only chocolate, twisties or alcohol can fix.   Since you can’t stop thinking about it you obviously need more chocolate/ twisties / alcohol to numb the pain etc etc

Some days nothing happens.  Food becomes a pleasant distraction to break up the monotony.  Or having another coffee of course.

Some days you’re so tired that you disconnect from your digestive system.   You don’t know if you are hungry or not and food becomes a tool to keep your eyes open.   With coffee of course 😉

I was having a fair few days from the list above.   I was snacking more than I realised.  When people came to see the new bubba it always seemed to involve food.   Food that wasn’t what I would normally eat.   Bad food.    Bad for Jill.   I couldn’t break the cycle.   I needed a plan…

Just Say No – Nutrition Plan

Just Say No ....

Just Say No ….



Food can be yummy.    Food is highly accessible in this day and age.   Food exists primarily to fuel the body.

I was eating for all the wrong reasons.  Much of the time I was only eating food when someone offered it to me.   I was taking no ownership of what my body needed,  then guzzling down whatever was put in front of me.    It’s a survival tactic when you’re  stressed or have just had a new baby – but at some stage it needs to stop or bad things will happen.    So here are my guidelines:



  1. I eat ‘breakfast’ by 11am at the latest.  Any later and the rest of the day gets fuzzy.
  2. If I’m hungry I eat.   I stock up on easy and reasonably healthy options that are quick (see below)
  3. I eat at least every 5 hours throughout the day – to head off crazy cravings.
  4. If someone offers me food/coffee I say no.  I am 100% responsible for what I put in my body & when.
  5. If we plan to eat out or I’m visiting a friends & family,  I eat what is on offer.  I’m not on a ‘diet’.
  6. I say no to food that’s ‘just there’ ( toddler left overs,  chips off the floor,  biscuits your well meaning mother bought over 😉 ) I eat left overs as part of my meal that I am eating because I am hungry.  
  7. I keep a bottle filled with water and drink lots.   Dehydration = brain fog & crazy cravings
  8. When junk food urges hit because I’m feeling tired/cranky/lazy/ hormonal/ whatever, I make the fastest, easiest thing I can to get some food into me.   Possibly with cheese on top.

This is how I approach eating – not what I eat.    Most folks have some idea of what is healthy and what is not.   I have learned (slowly and painfully) that it’s almost impossible to change a person’s core beliefs over what constitutes ‘healthy food’.   You might change a behaviour for a short period of time, but we always revert back.

So if you want to apply my guidelines to your own food go ahead.  For a lot of people this will help them to stop putting weight on.  For some people it will help them lose weight.   If you are a person who thinks that slabs of Coca Cola are a good lifestyle choice you have bigger problems and probably aren’t reading this.  For a full blown body transformation you could certainly go more extreme, but the point of this whole exercise is to demonstrate that you don’t have to – you can get sensational results just by being consistently sensible.

If you want more specifics about my food choices here they are:

  • I don’t eat much bread, pasta, rice or cereal.  I prefer meat, veggies, eggs or soups with stuff added .
  • I eat full fat versions of any dairy or other foods where it is relevant.
  • I like cooking with and adding olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil etc to my food.  Lots of it.
  • I’m a big fan of “All in one dish” meals.  Everything into the frypan or the microwave.
  • I don’t eat much fruit but I don’t deliberately avoid it.
  • I have alcohol occasionally.  Approx 1-2 times a week and usually just one drink in the evening
  • I drink water and lots of it.  Sometimes I drink full fat milk but that’s it for everyday drink choices.
  • I have up to 2 coffees per day with 1 sugar & full fat cream. It makes my coffee more satisfying.
  • I don’t exclude sugar, but I find that when I have less of it I don’t crave sugary foods as much.
  • I consciously plan to eat biscuits/cake/ pancakes etc.  I sit down, enjoy my food and am aware when my body has had enough.  It also helps with the crazy cravings – I don’t deny them.  I make them a proper event rather than a drive by binge session.

Still want more detail (I just assume that no-one is reading this far?)    

Sample shopping list of reasonably healthy and seriously quick food staples:

Woolworths Roast Chicken Large – feeds kids, feeds men and lasts a few days in the fridge.  Goes with everything

Hansells Packet soups – I *love* the Vegetable tangine soup and the others are ok too for variety.   $3.99 ea in soup isle @ Woolworths.  These can sit on the shelf and don’t need refridgerating till open.    Great as a base to add other things to inc chicken, tuna, feta, natural yoghurt,  spinach, mushrooms, lentils …..whatever floats your boat.

Hansells Vegetable Tangine Soup.

Hansells Vegetable Tangine Soup. Aldi Natural Yoghurt

 Pre made salads – any kind don’t stress the detail.  Add tuna, chicken or other left over meat to your salad to make it last for more meals and feel more satisfying.  I like warm salads best but that’s just me.

Eggs.   You can do so many amazing things with eggs.  Scrambled eggs are especially good – one whole egg, one bowl,  stir briskly w milk & microwave for 60 seconds.  Stir and give another 30 seconds.   Add coconut flour (1tsp per egg),  peanut butter, cheese,  mushrooms, even bloody coco pops for variation if you need.     It’s also a super cheap option for work lunches if you’re trying to save.

Any pre packed roast meat option – Slow cooked if you can (I know that’s not quick …) but it will be more tender for using left overs over the next 2 days.   The Jamie Oliver options are lovely but expensive.  A big chunk of cooked meat can be sliced, stir fried, even minced in a food processor and added to just about anything.

Zuchini,  Mushrooms, tomato and Baby Spinach (the pre washed bags definitely help with the ‘quick’ part).  I microwave and add these to just about everything.    Adds bulk, vital nutrients and they go well with most things.

Shaved Parmesan Cheese or Feta – add to anything for more kick & flavour.

Cottage Cheese and Natural Yoghurt – these can both be added to just about anything.

Medium sized potatoes.   I microwave one and add stuff or add a little milk and mash it up with butter.  Easy.  Kid friendly (even with tuna) and naturally portion controlled!

Cans of Tuna.  Can add to anything – I never actually think “Yum I want tuna” but whenever I make something with it I always enjoy it.   Tasty and versatile.

Sour cream,  Butter,  Olive oil – I have no issues with fat and think it makes food feel much more satisfying.

Bread Option – Sprout Bread or Burgens Digestive Rye.  These are much more satisfying than normal bread.  1 slice is usually enough,  2 will make you feel really full.   Add lots of topping or grill with cheese!   Peanut butter and cottage cheese is a good sweet option.

Peanut butter / Almond Butter / Any nut butter – when you need something sweet but don’t want to sugar yourself up.  Sometimes a spoon full of peanut butter can totally settle the afternoon biscuit cravings.

Vital Greens (Supplement from Health food shop) – It’s my insurance policy and I swear that it makes me feel better.   I also use it to give me a hit of something sweet in the evening.   It’s not to everyone’s taste but it is a great product to beef up your green leafy vegetable and vital nutrient intake.

Vital Greens. 2tsps with water.

Vital Greens. 2tsps with water.


A2 Full Cream Milk – Other milk gives me a tummy ache.  This one doesn’t.   Glass of milk is great for heading off junk food cravings.

Avocado,  Canned Lentils,  Frozen broad beans,  carrots,  anchovy stuffed olives ……Stuff you can add to anything.

Wow.  If you’ve made it to this part you REALLY like reading about other peoples food!  Do you have any good suggestions to add?  I’d love to get some new ideas.    If anyone really wants some recipes then sing out in the comments and I’ll add a page & link,

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