Jill's Journey Part 5 - Progress pic. We're all a little nuts.

Jill’s Journey Part 5 – Progress pic. We’re all a little nuts.

Jill’s Journey Part 5 – Progress pic. We’re all a little nuts.

I weighed myself today and I have to admit, it made depressed.   I feel lighter,  my clothes fit better and I know I should be happy with that.   I would still have liked a bigger number.     And that’s the problem – we are never happy.    Lose all the weight you want but you’ll still focus on your (insert personal insecurity item here) every time you look in the mirror.     So I made Daz take another photo.    I feel a bit better now.

12 days in.   Better than the scales.

12 days in. A picture tells it best.


  Starting Weight:  68.4 Kg

  Day 4 Weigh in:  66.3 (-2.1Kg in 4 days)

  Day 12 Weigh in:  65.7 (-.6Kg in 7 days )

  Comment:  No I wasn’t sticking my tummy out in the first one (I thought I was pulling it in a little …. that was a nasty shock).  And no I wasn’t sucking it in in the second one – you’d be able to tell by my back. I should also be happy with losing nearly 100g per day since the last weigh in ….. but personal trainers can be nutty too you know.   Don’t get me started on that one!




Food & Training Day 11

Training:  No workout.   I’m completely shattered.   I went to bed at the same time as Molly and still slept in the next day.   You can push your body only so far before it will demand recovery.   I definitely pushed mine this week and that is the downside of all those classes:  extra energy needed (ie. food) and more fatigue.  Hard to manage when you’re already juggling a breastfeeding baby and a 2 year old.

Food:  I ate MacDonalds today.    It had to be done.    All the planning in the world won’t help you when you’re stuck in traffic,  45kms into a 200km drive with a screaming hungry toddler in the car.   You can feel your tummy rumbling and your blood pressure rising,  conversations with your partner get tense as his blood sugar drops.   If you want your relationship to survive you eat whatever is available.

9:30AM:  Coffee with cream, sugar & cinnamon

10:30am  Cup of Dazza’s amazing smoothie

12:30pm  Bowl of left over Beef, Noodle & spinach salad

3:30pm  1/2 Cup of Smoothie

5:30pm  MacDonalds Rump Steak BBQ Wrap & small fries.   It was expensive, salty and didn’t look at all like the picture but overall it tasted pretty good.   Maybe I was just VERY hungry.

8:30pm  1/2 Cheese & Bacon Omlette with 1/2 white bread roll.   Not the best choice but I was so brain dead that sharing Molly’s dinner seemed like the only option before collapsing into bed.   Fatigue and an empty fridge are never your friends.

8:45pm:  Vital Greens with water

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