Jill's Journey Part 7 - Crazy Woman in the house

Jill’s Journey Part 7 – Crazy Woman in the house

Jill’s Journey Part 7 – Crazy, Moody Bitch in the house


My name is Jill and I’m a personal trainer (and a fat, moody bitch today).   I started a 21 day diary of my approach to getting my body back while juggling a 15 week old baby, a messed up birth & recovery, a 2 year old and a business.   It’s not about weight on the scales – it’s about showing the amazing physical changes that can be achieved with some small tweaks and a tiny bit of effort.    It’s about less is more. But there was one thing I hadn’t factored in ……

‘She’s’ Back ….

Why are there so many decisions to be made today?  How have I not noticed before that Dazza is SUCH a useless Tool?   I’m sooooo hungry,  like a bottomless pit of sooky sooky la-la.  Can’t the baby just shut up!!  doesn’t she know that my head is exploding and I could really use a nap.     Don’t get me started on weight loss.  I mean who gives a crap anyway and at the end of the day I’ll still be a big fat pig …….. in fact I think I’m gonna cry.

Hmmm.  What is happening to me???    I’ll let the female readers figure it out for themselves.   I didn’t figure it out because it’s been a while.    It all made sense when ‘she’ arrived with 15 months worth of baggage.

PS.  There was a bonus post last week that I didn’t promote.   Just in case anyone was thinking it 😉   It deals with the important question:   Isn’t it easier for a breast feeding Fitness Instructor to lose weight than a normal person?   Read if you are wondering…

So what to do when you aren’t feeling like the Perfect You?

Well here’s what I did anyway ….

1.  Accept what is happening.   Being a grumpy, frumpy, bitch face is ok sometimes and apparently biologically necessary.

2. Get off the couch, get some Vitamin D and live a little (or a lot if needs be).    For me this was a lovely  walk through the Botanical Gardens including sitting down for coffee & cake 🙂  Home to 4 slices of Pizza with the lot 😀 a beer,  more cake and some chocolate milk.     *Aaaahh.  Burp.  repeat*

3.  You will probably feel much better for doing this and there is actually some science behind it!**  If you have been eating ‘responsibly’ for a while, your body can start to get too efficient at running on less.   Throwing in a “cheat day” here and there ramps up your Thyroid function,  helps you re-focus on your healthy habits,  and resets your hormone levels (Leptin is the big one here).   Want more info?  I like the detail level in this article Cheat Days Explained.

4.  Don’t weigh yourself anywhere around, before or after your ‘special day’ if you can help it.    Seriously, just don’t go near the stupid scales for the whole stupid week.  It’s all water (and somewhere underneath the tears, you do know that), but it will mess with your head.

5.  Maybe avoid tight jeans,  swimsuits and mirrors as well.  Especially if you are in tight jeans or a swimsuit!

**NB – If you were already eating crap and sitting around being lazy this “cheat day” won’t help.   It will possibly make you more grumpy and depressed at your own poor eating choices.  Sorry.

Ummm.  I need an extension just till the weekend …

I’m kinda stuck working in Melbourne without my scales or ability to do the final progress pic (I’d hate to be accused of being a different person again.  I don’t think my nose could handle it 😉   Bad planning indeed.  In fact, many things have not gone to plan lately but that’s a separate issue.  So Final Weigh in and Pics will be up on the weekend.  For now, here’s where me and my stupid hormones are at:

Day 21 Weigh in:  64.4 Kgs*

(*taking into account the ‘issues’ above and using the gym scales with some clothes on for modesty)

Weight Loss since day 14:  1.2kgs (in 9 days)

Total Weight loss so far:  4kgs (in 21 days)

Want the gory details of my food & training for the last 5 days? It’s pretty boring reading …

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