Jill's Journey Part Two - Days 2,3 & 4

Jill’s Journey Part Two – Days 2,3 & 4

Results so far ….

Day 5 Morning Weigh in:  66.3kg

Total Weight Loss: 2.1kg

Comment: Don’t be too impressed. I think it’s more a reflection of how much salty & sugary crap I’d been sneaking in without realising.   I was probably retaining a lot of fluid.   The next 2.5 weeks are where the results will really count.

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Thoughts for the week so far:   Being the Healthiest Me I can be


It’s midday and I said I’d have this up by lunchtime. I’m sitting here barely dressed, typing with one finger while consoling a grizzly baby. 24 month old Molly is running around in just a t-shirt & hat carrying her 3 ‘handbags’ and demanding to be taken somewhere.   She doesn’t know exactly where but is very sure that it is time to ‘Gogogogo’. Perhaps somewhere that it’s socially acceptable to be partially nude as she really doesn’t want me to put her nappy back on.

So let’s move on from whining about my traumatising pregnancy & birth to some of the other challenges to being the ‘HEALTHIEST ME I CAN BE’. Because lets face it – everyone has challenges to overcome right?

New Baby in da house – So cute but soooo much work.

Babies are hard work. New mums are tired and don’t get much sleep. A new baby poos and wees a lot, cries, vomits and needs feeding every 3 hours.   You constantly talk about how much you’d like a break or a snooze but as soon as you actually have that opportunity, all you want to do is cuddle your bundle of joy or vacuum the floor.  Stupid hormones.   An extra challenge with B2 is that she doesn’t like being put down. If she’s awake she wants to be upright, held and facing you while you dedicate all your attention and language skills to keeping her happy.   She is not a ‘pop me in the bouncer and watch me gurgle’ kinda girl ….. I seriously didn’t know how good I had it with the first one.

Two ‘Babies’ in da house – Yes I love them very much but …..

The Loch Mess Monster...

Good thing there are nappies all over the floor

The noise never stops.   You can’t get anything done. There is mess everywhere no matter how much you clean up. You can’t go to the toilet when you need to.  You are constantly engaged with food but never actually get to sit down and eat it (preparation/feeding/cleaning up off the floor etc). ABC2 for kids becomes your best friend in the universe.

Two Babies in da house and a business to run ….

Don’t even get me started. Ask anyone you know who runs their own business and then factor in that we run a business that’s open from 6:30am till 8:30pm at night.     Who’s stupid idea was that?

I need a plan! But I hate plans ….

So when it comes to my own health & fitness here are my requirements.  It needs to be:

  1. Incredibly time efficient – end of the day is my best option. And if it can’t get done in 30 minutes or less it can’t get done. Like most people I’m full of reasons why I can’t fit it in and low on motivation to kick my own butt.
  1. Super Simple – My brain is like Swiss cheese in a thick fog.   I can’t remember my last sentence let alone plan out a comprehensive shopping list or workout routine. And to be honest I can’t be bothered either.   Hmmm sleep.
  1. Feel good factor – A workout that will leave me feeling ‘smashed’ and sore is totally unappealing right now.   It’s another reason why I love short and sharp: All the good stuff (feeling energised, fast results, personal satisfaction for overcoming my own laziness etc) and means less of the bad stuff (muscle soreness, boredom, fatigue, time commitments etc).  I also want my workout to make me feel like a success as opposed to reminding me just how far I’ve fallen.  Too much to ask?

So what next?   How do I turn this into a fitness journey???

In my next posts I’ll detail how I’ve turned these requirements into a plan that is all about me.  I’ll be curious to hear all your thoughts!  I’ve even given them a catchy title 🙂

  1. A training schedule entitled – What do I need today?
  2. A nutrition methodology entitled – Just say no.

I’ll give you all the details and you can feel free to comment or ask questions. I’d do it now but I have dirty nappies to wash and you probably have better things to do with your weekend 😉   A summary of my food & training for days 2, 3 & 4 is below if you want gory details, a 60 second video of my GRIT workout and photos of some of the food items I’ve been using.

ETA for next installment is Tuesday 3rd Feb.  Wish me luck because posting this one hasn’t been easy.

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Details of Food & Training for Days 2, 3 & 4

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